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Yo! Schräg? im Mai

Freitag, 04.05.18 - 23:00 Uhr Schräglage , Stuttgart-Mitte

Über die Party

Ante Up! Yap that fool!
Ante Up! Kidnap that fool!
It's the perfect timing, you see the man shining
Get up off them god damn diamonds! Huh!

Pierre Paradise und DJ Message spielen Goldenes und Neues bis zur Schnappatmung.
Takin´ you right back.

Boy, I'm 'bout my business on business, I drink liquor on liquor
I had women on women: yeah, that's bunk-bed bitches
I've done lived more than an 80-year-old man still kickin'
‘Cause they live for some moments, and I live for a livin'
Big Sean

DJ Fettnan + DJ Faze bescheren euch den besten Freitag des Monats und feuern aus allen Rohren.
Takin´ you right back.

Now I'm not trying to be rude
But hey pretty girl I'm feeling you
The way you do the things you do
Reminds me of my Lexus coupe

DJ Emilio + Ari Chicago mit Pauken und Trompeten und Hits und Liebe.
Takin´ you right back.

Caroline, (Caroline)
See she's the reason for the word Bitch (bitch)
I hope she's speeding on the way to the club Tryna hurry up to get to some baller or singer or somebody like that

Buccaneer Soundsystem makin’ yo ass shake.
Takin´ you right back.
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