Marc Vision


Über Marc Vision

Marc Vision began his record collection at the early age of 6. His parents supported him with the gift of a Mixer and, as you guessed it, the mixing began! Even back then, during school, he became the school DJ. By the end of the 80’s he was playing regularly at parties, through which he became popular. Shortly afterwards, he made his first steps as a DJ into the Cologne Club Scene. It was at this time that he decided to make a change for his future, by making his hobby to his career. Marc had the chance to play at a small Club named Warehouse at a Birthday Party. Shortly afterwards he became a Resident DJ in the legendary Index at Wellerswist near Cologne.

He knew he had really made it in 1996, when he became a permanent Resident DJ in the renowned Tribehouse Club (now 102) in Neuss, at the Kiesgrube in Neuss and the legendary Dorian Gray (last 2 Years) in Frankfurt and Ibiza. From this point on, he played with the big Global DJs ((Carl Cox, Sven Väth and many more...)in Europe, Asien, South America. Since then, the HSV and Robert de Niro fan is a popular DJ and Producer in Electronic Music all over the World!

Producing was the next logical step. This results in over 60 Releases, worked on and compiled by many talented Producers (Marc' o Tool, Franco Lemon, Chame, Canedy, Criss Source, F. Riga… and further). The newest Production appears on the well-known Pour La Vie Music & Eisenwaren. Also many Productions, new Releases and a lot of remixes were made with another Project named Vision & Source. Under Marc Vision, Vision & Canedy, Vision&Source, VITA, Visiontool he has also launched some productions on the Market. You will be seeing and hearing much more from this Guy in the near Future, so stay tuned!