Marc Improof


Über Marc Improof

Marc Improof is the name of the talented, aspiring young DJ from Switzerland.
His fascination with music began at an early age, and at 19 he turned his family’s garage into a small neighborhood club. The thrill of standing behind the decks stuck with him to this day, and he’s taken every available opportunity since then to spin at clubs and parties. Music has become so essential in Marc’s life, he couldn’t imagine his life without it.

Four years of epic private parties and numerous noise complaints later he finally moved his brand to regular night clubs. The experiences shaped him further and helped him fine-tune his mixing talents, astonishing his audiences time and again.
Marc Improof specializes in EDM, Electro House, Deep House, Tech House, rounded off with popular current party tunes, getting him booked regularly at notable clubs and national events all over Switzerland.
He’s currently focussing on landing more international gigs, as he believes his mixes transcend borders.

The name DJ Marc Improof, a play of words on his middle name and the english verb, stands for the continuous and increasing progression on a scale without limits.