Otto Zutz

Lincoln 15 - 08006 Barcelona - E

Über Otto Zutz

Otto Zutz is a very modern and original nightclub situated in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood in Gracia, in the high zone of Barcelona. It's a bold, modern club that breaks the standards of the rest of the Barcelonian nightclubs, creating a venue that transcends the minds of the crowd.

Otto Zutto is a common favorite nightspot amongst tourists and locals. Otto Zutz has a very sophisticated atmosphere and their clientele are trendy and fashionable. It has become one of the favorite spots of the “beautiful people” of Barcelona and the celebrities that visit.

The club’s size makes it a very attractive draw, housing a capacity of 1,000 people over 3 levels of kitschy chandeliers, disco balls and plenty of bars. There is also an impressive lighting system and a play of lights and audiovisuals.

The 3 floors all offer different scenes, with varying ambiences and music. The DJs at Otto Zutz are local and all well known experts in their individual genres. On the bottom floor you’ll dance the night away to the best hip-hop, RnB and funk music. If you don’t like Hip Hop, Otto Zutz also has a second floor with house music, soul and 80’s and 90’s hits.

In the last floor you’ll find Los Altos, the elegant VIP areas designed for those who prefer a more private space with personalized, high quality VIP treatment. Here you'll find crowd-pleasing dance tunes, creating a real house party vibe. Los Altos is closed for private parties.

Eventos pasados - Otto Zutz
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