Fri. 07. February 2020, 22:00 horas


Feiner Sound aus alten GameBoys.

Nach 6 Jahren Pause kehrt der 8-Bit Breakdown nach Koblenz zurück! Wie damals wird auch dieses mal die Druckluftkammer der place to be sein um sich feinen Retroklängen aus alten Spielekonsolen hinzugeben. Mit einem internationalen Line-Up von Live-Acts aus der Chiptuneszene und analogen Live-Visuals wird dieser Abend zu einem Muss für jeden Retro- und Musikbegeisterten!

After a 6 year break, the 8-Bit Breakdown returns to Koblenz! Like in the past the Druckluftkammer will once again be the place to be to enjoy fine retrosounds from vintage gaming consoles. With an internation line-up consisting of live-acts from the Chiptune scene and analog live-visuals, this night will be a must for every retro- and music enthusiast!


Monodeer (NL)
Monodeer is the alter ego of Dutch electronic musician Mark van den Heuvel, who combines his eternal love for 8-bit, hard hitting beats and basslines into inimitable live sets.

Oliotronix (EST)
Originally from Estonia but spending the majority of her time in Germany or the UK, Oliotronix has been
shaking the underground electro scene since 2010. Officially and secretly playing at iconic
venues, numerous squat raves, and periodically throwing her chiptune raves and workshops - Gleeetch.
As a Live performer since 2017 she shaped her new set into a form of energetic performances with Gameboys,
samples, loops, and various electronic noise machines still sometimes combined with a hooligan DJ set.

Tuxic (FR)
Mixing gameboys with heavy guitars and existential dread since 2016. Progressive rock with a touch of bleep and blatant disregard for structure.

Klirre & Hardcore Softboy (DE)
Brace yourselves and lace up your dancing shoes! Klirre and Hardcore Softboy bring you a mix of melodic dance tracks and extreme noise terror using nothing but their two trusty Gameboys and a few cartridges of nanoloop.

havocCc (DE)
havocCc made his trademark in the European chip scene with his improvised Nanoloop techno sets. Be sure to come early to witness this dude opening the night!


≈sheglitchr (FR)
She destroys pictures to create new ones. Her favorite phrase: "CREATION FROM DESTRUCTION".
Inspired by the nascent and fractured nostalgia of a time she didn't know, she draws her different energies from the music she listens to and from the experiences she makes.
CRTs, VHS players and analog materials are her favorite medias.

hoppiescotch (NL)
A many media man; musician, experimentalist, technologist and visualist with a preference for abandoned electronics to create his creative cocktails.
Be there or be square!

Willkommen im Club!

Burgstr. 3-7 - 56068 Koblenz - DE
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