Über Topic

In the wake of his previous single release “HOME feat. Nico Santos”, 23-year-old German DJ and producer TOPIC commenced his stellar rise to the global stage. But his Solingen studio remains home base. It is there he withdraws to, where he produces his songs, adding that Midas touch to his mix of catchy, housy EDM tunes, laden with drive and emotion and enhanced with slices of classical instrumentation.

TOPIC, alias Tobias Topic was 16 years old, when a cool music teacher introduced him to Logic Pro. Although TOPIC had never really been into music, it was love at first beat. He soon followed-up with productions for YouTube-heavyweights the likes of KAYEF (to be heard on the track “Find Love” off TOPIC’s debut album “MILES”) and other chart acts, who contacted him on social media.

Talking about social media: Social media are what launched TOPIC’s career, his stomping grounds so to say. Using social media to release his music out into the world, he quickly gained a sizeable amount of fans and followers: 100K and counting on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. His real-life network though is equally important. He produced all his previous videos with the help of friends, runs merchandise from his mother’s kitchen and the connection to Jona Selle, the vocalist on TOPIC’s first single “Light It Up”, came about through a mutual acquaintance.

“Light It Up” kicked things off at the latter end of 2014. The track charted almost instantly and sold 10,000 copies to date. His sophomore single “HOME feat. Nico Santos” easily claimed Gold status in Germany and Australia, while the accompanying music video has so far generated more than 11 million views; all within a few months. TOPIC has proven to the world that a popular German producer from Solingen can make it in the music industry on his own accord. “You really have to stick with it”, says TOPIC, who is now set to unleash his newest single “Find You feat. Jake Reese” into the stratosphere and become a true ‘global player’.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jake Reese was just awarded “Best Featured Vocalist Performance” at the 2016 International Dance Music Awards. You may have heard him on top-tier productions by international acts the likes of Hardwell, EDX, Klingande or Scooter. He met TOPIC during a recent songwriting session in the Netherlands: “We finished writing the song within a day”, TOPIC adds. “But then I continued to work on production for another 8 weeks, before I felt it was good to go. All in all I have about 20 different versions of the song!”