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Tony Dawson-Harrison (aka CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD) is an american that used to live in Germany and actually pioneered the EURODANCE movement in the 90`s.

He has been called CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD since 1982; the name was given to him from his military friends (because he danced even when he was in uniform).

Captain Hollywood was the very first BREAK DANCE ARTIST IN EUROPE, he performed on a national TV show in 1983 by the name of "FORMEL EINS". He danced to the song of "Pack Jam" by the Junzon crew and the whole nation was watching the 1st channel "ARD" as the Captain began his musical career.

He became the choreoghaph of the show "Formel Eins" and afterwards for many others like LATOYA JACKSON, KIM WILDE, NATALIE COLE, O-TOWN, CC CATCH, DJ BOBO and many more.

He represented Germany in Cannes for the break dance movie premier of "BEAT STREET". From 1985 to 1987 Tony released 3 singles and an album as Captain Hollywood, this gave him respect in the clubs and support from the DJs.

He charted indepently without any help from a major record company. TWENTY 4 SEVEN

He also worked together with a producer from Holland (Rude von Reihe) and a rapper from Holland (Recardo-MC Fixx IT). Together Tony, Recardo and Rude created the Holland based Project "TWENTY FOUR SEVEN" . Tony was the head and leader and one of the founders of the band 24/7 featuring his close friends Hanks (Giovanni Falco) , Jacks (Wolgang Reis) and the Dutch singer Nancy Coolen.

After taking the group Twenty 4 Seven to top 5 chart positions all over Europe including Great Britain with the hits "I CANT STAND IT" and "ARE YOU DREAMING", Tony left the Dutch group to return back to his own solo project.

CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD PROJECT Tony Harrison's Captain Hollywood Project released four Eurodance singles: "More and More", "Only With You", "All I Want" and "IMPOSSIBLE" from the end of 1992 to 1994. All four singles were huge hits all over the world. The first single "More & More" charted at nr.1 for 8 weeks on the Germany national media control charts and 3 weeks nr.1 in the U.S Billboard sales charts. The record "More & More" sold 7 Million copies worldwide.

The second single "Only with you" charted at nr.4 in Europe and top 10 in the U.S Billboard charts. It sold 3 Million copies worldwide.

The 3rd released single "All I want" was a Top 20 record worldwide and banned from MTV America because of its controvertial video.

The single "Impossible" was a Top 20 record in Europe and was not released in the U.S. It received an award for the "Most played video" by MTV London.

The debut album, Love Is Not Sex, sold 400,000 copies in Germany alone, and over 7 Million copies world wide. It included More and More and Only With You, plus the later singles All I Want and Impossible — both released in early 1994.

In 1995, after almost a year of silence, the Captain released his second album, Animals Or Human. it sold over 300,000 copies in Germany alone and another 350,000 copies in France.

Three singles followed the release of the album: "Flying High", "Find Another Way" and "The Way Love Is". Those singles were again huge hits but "The Way Love Is" did not chart as high as some of the other singles in comparison.

In mid-1996, Tony decided to team up with , P Force, Alex belcher for the production of his third album. Over and Over, the first single for their forthcoming album, was a very popular hit during the summer.

The album included two more singles, Love and Pain and The Afterparty, both in their original form. Both singles were also huge hits in the European territories.

Creative Pause as Artist 2000 -- 2010 Tony Harrison moved back to the U.S. A. He has been working as a producer and choreographer together with the godfather of boybands, the music manager Lou Pearlman, who became famous as the founder of the Backstreet Boys, N Sync , O Town, Britney Spears and many more.

Together with Lou Pearlman, Tony founded the Boyband O-Town. "Making the Band" was the first TV Casting Concept worldwide and was aired on Americas biggest TV Channel "ABC". Later on MTV America bought the show "Making the Band" with O-Town and the show was aired worldwide.

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