Ace of Base


Über Ace of Base

Ace of Base is something as uncomplicated as a pop band, that doesn’t try to be or appear to be anything else than that. They want to make their listeners feel good when hearing their music. They don’t have any heavy messages, even if the songs obviously have become better crafted and substantial over the years. Simplicity isn’t easy. The fact that Ace of Base has sold over 30 million albums and 15 million singles proves that they know what they’re doing.

Ace of Base is one of the world’s biggest bands, one of those rare bands whose name is a well-known brand wherever in the world you go. Their fans, so called ”Acers”, also show a passionate interest in the band. Every year, some of them fly in to Gothenburg from all over the world to get together, share views and opinions on the band, check out the studios where the band has recorded and walk the streets where Ace of Base grew up.