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We Plunged In The Dark Together With Hi Ibiza

We Plunged In The Dark Together With Hi Ibiza
  • In The Dark at Hï Ibiza In The Dark at Hï Ibiza

In The Dark. The name of this party sounds like an invitation, a tempting appeal to explore the lesser mainstream side of sound. This brand new event series is taking place at Hï Ibiza every Thursday till September 28, catering for those who appreciate the combination of plush interiors and forward-thinking selection of tunes.

In The Dark noticeably stands out of the overall programme of the club. First, this is probably the most experimental night in terms of its music style. Second, it is built not around one outstanding headliner, but a whole powerful crew instead. Such longtime Ibiza favourites as Joris Voorn, Kölsch, Luciano, Nic Fanciulli and Steve Lawler hold their resident duties here - usually, at least four members of the team appear behind the decks every Thursday.

On July 6 Nic Fanciulli, Luciano and Steve Lawler were accompanied by such guest artists as Richy Ahmed, Solardo, Bas Ibellini, Serge Devant and Dublin. By 2am the club was already busy, but to a comfortable extent. Both rooms, the Theater and the Club, were dancing eagerly to the sounds of high-quality tech-house - and there was a curious detail about it. Let’s think of any given big club with two dancefloors, more or less equal in their size. Most often it happens so that while one room is rocking full swing, the other offers punters a more relaxed sonic alternative. Then they change roles, and the crowd flows from one room to another according to their mood. Last Thursday, however, both the Club and the Terrace maintained more or less equal level of energy - yet their vibes were diverse.

The Theater sounded more in-your-face, more, let’s say, global. The visuals behind the DJ’s back were laconic and sensual at the same time: think of, for example, two female silhouettes, mirroring each other, pulsating to the rhythm of the music. The Club devoted itself to a slightly more digestible sound - this was the place to hunt for bouncy tunes with masterly sliced vocals. Actually, the very name of In The Dark might make you think of something deeply underground and non-conformist - but don’t hurry to be afraid. This night is not about digging too deep into complexity, yet about providing an alternative experience in terms of Hï Ibiza programme. It appeals to a very wide audience and is bound to be a success all throughout the season.

For those who used to frequent Space Ibiza, it was interesting to see how the club evolved in its new reincarnation. Apart from the dancefloors, there is one area there that for sure deserves your special attention - namely, the Magical Garden. It’s an open-air lounge with multiple bars, each devoted to its own drink (like beer or tequila, for example). Taking a break from dancing and breathing some fresh air there was quite a bliss.

As for the future In The Dark dates, pay special attention to July 27: Joseph Capriati will be playing all night long in the Theatre, while Apollonia will be taking care of the Club, again all night long. The selection of guest DJs for the rest of the season will be pretty impressive: Art Department on July 13 and August 3, Claude VonStroke on July 20, Cassy on August 17 and 24, Butch on August 31 and September 14, Agoria on September 28. Darkness never sounded so attractive.