Falckensteinstr. 49 - 10997 Berlin - DE

Über Watergate

Berlin, Schlesisches Tor. Galleries, bars, and restaurants line the streets. Nowhere else in Kreuzberg is as lively and creative as it is here. During the nineties, new cultural movements were primarily launched in Berlin-Mitte. But since the turn of the millennium, much of this has shifted toward Kreuzberg. And one club which has contributed to Berlin’s recent cultural shift from the very beginning is Watergate. Since 2002 Watergate has been an international mecca for all electronic music lovers. The club is a symbol of the appeal and attraction that Berlin’s club culture developed during the first decade of the new millennium. Located directly on the River Spree, with a view of the extra-large logo of Universal Music’s headquarters situated across the river, visitors can experience the newest and hottest tracks in a wide spectrum of electronic music that ranges from house to techno. Week in and week out, guests can party to the best the scene has to offer – long into the night, and often long into the next day as well.The main floor, with its now famous LED ceiling, represents the club’s center, and here the focus is one thing, and one thing alone – partying. The room is dominated by the large, open dance floor with one of the best sound systems in the entire city.

Événements passés - Watergate
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