Pacha Barcelona

Passeig Maritim Barceloneta, 38 - 08003 Barcelona - E

Über Pacha Barcelona

Pacha Barcelona returns to the nightlife scene as the most critically acclaimed and highly anticipated club in Barcelona. Having conquered the globe on an international level, from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro to Ibiza- this infamous entertainment brand has finally chosen to settle in Barcelona, just a mere few miles away from where it all began.

Pacha is the perfect recipe for fun with its elegant and carefully crafted design and decor, the best sound and lighting systems, stunning visual artists, international DJs and breathtaking performances. The superb crowd is the perfect combination of locals and internationals, serving as the cherry on top of the cake. Together, these ingredients come together to form the perfect club- Pacha Barcelona.

If what you're looking for is an Ibiza-style Mediterranean club, look no further. Pacha Barcelonaperfectly channels those Ibiza vibes with its gleaming white walls and walkways, hot fuchsia and purple hues and hot Mediterranean house beats. The dance floor is huge and there is also a vast terrace that spills out onto the Mediterranean Sea and its golden sand. Pacha Barcelona boasts the best beachfront location alongside its equally inviting neighbors, Opium and CDLC. If you're looking to celebrate the night with plenty of glamour and exclusivity, Pacha provides 3 impressive VIP areas where you and your friends can make it a night that you'll never forget!

Pacha has incorporated new ideas, improvements and extravagances to enhance the quality of your night, whilst making sure to always maintain its unique style and spirit.

Événements passés - Pacha Barcelona
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