Growth-Seminars: Persönlichkeitsentwicklung Stuttgart (eng)

dim.. 08. juillet 2018, 16:00 Heure


“The secret to a fulfilling Dating-Life: Attracting incredible men & women and building meaningful relationships.“

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We are happy to announce, that in the coming month on JULY 8TH, Growth-Seminars is coming back to STUTTGART to deliver a night full of emotions, insights into the depths of social dynamics, relationships and dating as well as interactive exercises, all delivered to you by 5 outstanding speakers.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to enter the world of personal growth - a world that opens you up to realize your full potential, which is what Growth-Seminars is all about.

At this event, you will learn some of the most recent insights & trends into the HUMAN MIND, how SOCIAL DYNAMICS work, and how you will FIND A GIRLFRIEND or BOYFRIEND and POWERFUL FRIENDS that are worthy of your time.

Remember: You are the AVERAGE OF YOUR 5 CLOSEST ASSOCIATES. If you want to grow, you need to build an environment that allows you to do so. The most vital part of that environment is your social orbit.



- Your LOVELIFE: How and where you find THE RIGHT TYPE OF PARTNER (men & women)

- Your current RELATIONSHIPS: How to maintain healthy relationships in the long run

- Your SOCIAL LIFE: How to make powerful connections with incredible men & women in an instant

This event is for You, If you...


...You ever had painfully lonely nights being single and feeling left out for years
…You ever struggled in finding and dating the right type of men or women
…You ever had a rough breakup or meaningful relationship go down the drain
…You want to create powerful relationships with incredible men and women in a heartbeat

What are the topics of the speeches?



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-A guaranteed Seat at the Growth-Seminar event

-Free drinks&snacks 

-Join the speakers during dinner and ask your questions

+ Workshop (Topic:Dating&Relationship) with Niklas Zeeb&Silas Dallmann (21.07)


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