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Youth protection

Info for teenagers

Your user name

Preferably use not a user name that is suggestive of your real name or your origin. (e.g. "michaelfromulm", "alexmüller84"....) You also shouldn´t use a user name that contains extremist or sexual allusions like for example: "88-SS", "hornymouse", "HITTTLER", "blowbunny"...

Your password

Your password should be exceptional and save. It should contain at least 8 characters, special characters, letters and numbers. No one except you should know the password. That´s how you avoid abuse.

Your pictures

Please remember that your pictures are shown in public - in the whole world. Millions of people can see your photos. Don´t use photos that are promiscuous, embarrassing, provoking or that are sexually alluding. They may be taken wrong by other users and harm you. Moreover it may be bad for your future to be seen with cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs. Don´t send photos to people you don´t know even though they seem trustworthy to you. Ignore inquiries of model scouts/photographers/talent scouts/ or any likely, even though they promise you a career. They are always dubious providers! Serious providers look for their talents in a different way!

Your profile

Please remember that your texts are shown in public - in the whole world. Millions of people can read your texts. Try to avoid misspellings as well as personal contents. You are not allowed to copy texts from the internet that are not freely available (without copyright)!

Contact / Meet other users'

Your virtual friends are strangers in real life! Maybe your 17 year old female friend is a 60 year old man! Always be careful! Don´t meet up with users you don´t know personally! Users who promise you a great day in the amusement park may have other intentions!

I am harassed or I am receiving strange questions, what shall I do?

Your personal details

Your e-mail address, MSN, ICQ, Skype, AIM, etc...

These contact opportunities are nobody´s business. Think about exactly who you pass these details to. In most cases those contact possibilities give a clue about your real name or location which you might not want to pass on.

Information for parents

The internet has changed from a information medium to a communication medium years ago. Making new contacts is part of everyday life as well as taking care of old friendships. A part of the social life is online nowadays with advantages and disadvantages of course. Especially young platforms like Diginights with content for young people has established. Diginights mainly informs about upcoming events and offers photos and reports of the past events.

The development of teenagers nowadays depends on the media competence more then ever. The right handling with the new media have to be learned often by the younger Teens and also the older Teens may not be know all risks or calculate the position. To prohibit the use of the internet may bring it to a secret use because the internet is all around us.(You can go online with the most mobile phones by now and in the most cities there is no problem to connect at a cybercafe)

A lot of media literacy can not be learned by an event platform like diginights. This have to be learned in the daily routine per education, school, friends and relatives. The young users have to be teached about the safe use of the internet. The parents are in charge of the things the young user do on the internet. But we try to give tips about a safe use with our INFORMATION FOR TEENAGER and to went closer to our users with a suitable content.

We recommend that you are make a plan with rules together with your daughter or son. Maybe our INFORMATION FOR TEENAGER and the terms and conditions will help you.

In case of questions we are available via e-mail all the time: jugend-schutz-support@diginights.com