Artistpage erstellen

Your own artist page with all the features which are important for a professional appearance!

We are "connecting nightlife" in several countries, in more then 130 regions and in more then 13.000 clubs & locations. Why shouldn´t we connect the nightlife with you?

Info sheets:

Short info for artists

How I work with diginights as club operator/ promoter?

You are the Artist

Create your own artist page including:

Easy embedding of facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud

Photo galleries, descriptions, & links

Promotion of releases & own productions

Generation of a own homepage from the contents & data (available soon)

Upcoming dates

Everyone is informed excellently through your artist page:

Upcoming dates are displayed

Available dates are displayed

Last dates are stored. Perfect as a reference!

E-mail fan alerts

Your fans can be notified automatically when you´re playing near by. No annoying writing via facebook anymore.
Your fans are traveling afterward you & the clubs are booking you again and again because your fanbase is so strong!

The best promotion of your life!

One-click presskit

A presskit with the most current information generated from your information and images filled in your profile can be created for club operators and promoters automatically.

You just have to maintain your artist page the rest will happen automatically!

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