Chico Chiquita


Über Chico Chiquita

Chico Chiquita is maybe one of the hardest working DJs in the whole area of south-west Germany!
Working as label manager for digedo (Digital Distribution), show host and DJ of radio sunshine live, label owner of 120dB Recods, and of course beeing a resident DJ in a couple of clubs and events in the rhine-main-area, there’s never enough time to sleep!
Chico started releasing tracks and remixes in 2004 with diverse aliases and Partners such as „Chicolo“, „Chique Jewelz“ (with Jewelz), „D.C.F.“ and „Stereodudes“ (with Falko Richtberg).
His tracks and especially remixes appeared on labels like P.I.A.S, Amused Records, Toptrax, TokaBeatz, ZYX and Loco. Furthermore, you can hear Chico live every saturday on his Radio Show "WarmUp" (formerly"House Rotation") , which he runs with Greg Silver on Germanys biggest electronic music radio sunshine live! Together with Greg, Chico started their own imprint "120dB Records" in 2009, where they discovered and signed Laserkraft 3D, which conquered half of Europe's sale charts with "Nein, Mann!" and even got a Gold Record in Germany!