Über Aquagen

AQUAGEN – that’s the name for an extraordinary success story:

Their debut-single IHR SEID SO LEISE and the follow-up track PARTYALARM brought techno-sound with german-speech to the top of the charts all over the world and AQUAGEN’s remake of the pop-classic HARD TO SAY I’M SORRY proofed, that even the downtempo-heros CHICAGO can rock the dancefloor.
The 303-anthem PHATT BASS rocked with a big bass the worldwide hitlists and their chart-smashers EVERYBODY’S FREE in co-operation with ROZALLA and TANZ FÜR MICH featuring the well-known German comedian INGO APPELT let the story continue and made clear: AQUAGEN are no one-hit-wonders, they are far away from that !
If one would write down the „Who Is Who“ of the dance-scene, than AQUAGEN would be listed in the Top 10 of the most successfull German dance producers, no doubt. Eight single-charts hits, two chart-albums, lots of NO. 1 positions in the dance charts and equal quantity of honors like golden records and nominations for the Echo- or VIVA TV Music Award can’t be wrong.
After their two longplayers ABGEHFAKTOR and WEEKENDER, AQUAGEN took a break and now they hit the road once more – to loud to ignore:

“Blade” (2008) together with Ali Payami and The Warp Brothers, reached the pole position in the dance charts within the shortest time and is taking over the hitlists now.
The new Single “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” will be released In Spetember 2016.
Once again AQUAGEN provide us with their overwhelming sounds, which they are loved for all over the planet – a absolutly perfect to Start into the New Year. You can be sure this tune will catch you !
The new Singles coming soon

GINO MONTESANO is the face of AQUAGEN. He is a dj and producer with italian roots, born in Germany. He does not only bring his own Italian charm into the productions, but also in the dj sets. Meanwhile GINO is touring as a dj all over the world. Gigs in South Africa, Russia, Poland, Austria, Scandinavia, Spain, Canada or America are daily routine like spinning the records in his home country.